Introducing Nick House


Nick House is a co-founder of a number of high profile entertainment such as Mahiki, Whisky Mist, The Punch Bowl, The Brompton Club, The Markham Inn, Bodo Schloss, Steam & Rye and Bonbonniere


Upcoming Projects

Nick is developing a number of new brands in this sector within emerging markets with the first being Carbon opening in Ghana in 2015


Notable Credibility

Nick has won various accolades over the years. He is the only two time winner of the London Club and Bar Awards Best Promoter and was given a Life Time Achievement Award





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Innovation: My latest club concept in Africa

Juxtaposition in Africa   In my last blog I touched upon some of the ideas on the importance of being ‘remarkable’. There was no better opportunity to apply the formula than to my latest club concept ‘Carbon’ in Ghana, Africa. When the opportunity to create this club arose with YOLO a local operating partner, I jumped at the chance knowing that doing something incredibly innovative and ahead of its time (even for London standards) would create a huge amount of buzz and give something very special to the city! Plus it meant regular trips to Africa – a continent I love to explore. My investigative trip to Ghana in 2014 yielded the prospect of creating a great juxtaposition, both in concept design and in operational delivery. The club scene’s backdrop was a little primitive: one night what I thought was the DJ playing to the masses on an elevated stage with smoke billowing from his turntables turned out to actually be a man rotating chickens on a BBQ. On another attempt, my envoy refused to even leave the car! The ‘Carbon’ concept design was done in partnership with Blacksheep, who first designed Whisky Mist in London for me back in 2007. The output: ultra high-end finishes, dramatic clean lines and beautiful architectural lighting seamlessly combined together to create what looks more like a Tom Ford show room, oozing with luxury appeal against a backdrop slightly more rustic. The more contrasting the look and feel to the local environment, the more on point the concept design. Most of the materials to build the establishment would have to be shipped from...

Life and Death by the Water Cooler

I admit it – I’m an avid fan of Seth Godin’s ‘Purple Cow’. Some of my ventures over the years have been remarkable in different ways, with success following in varying degrees. But before I even read Purple Cow, I rather accidentally was practicing some of Mr. Godin’s philosophies. Mahiki was intended to be an extreme juxtaposition for a bar and club opposite the Ritz Hotel in London. My original vision was to do everything that normal West End clubs do, but upside-down or back to front. Instead of charging entry at the door, at Mahiki guests can tip on the way out (if they’ve had a good time!). Instead of RnB/Hip-Hop I wanted to play records from the 60’s to 90’s; something you would hope to hear at a hipster wedding. The list went on; no guest-list policy, waiters and waitresses that have to dance, drinks that arrive in giant vessels on fire (namely the infamous treasure chest cocktail). The Water Cooler, for those that work a 9-5, is a place of respite in an office environment. People exchange stories and gossip in a Camp Bastion style ‘safe zone’ where brands (and people!) can be made or destroyed in a matter of seconds. Being ‘remarkable’, as Mr. Godin would say, is critical to not getting left behind when these conversations occur. There is nothing new in saying that ‘good’ isn’t good enough. Stand out. Water Cooler time means: innovation, disruption, taking risks and breaking rules. Prepare to be loved by some, and hated by some. These successful ideas often aren’t created around a table, nor are they approved...

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